About Califas Apparel

Califas Apparel—from the brand, to the website, to all the items in the shop—is the work of Tony de la Riva, a sports fan, CA native, and graphic designer on the CA Central Coast in the 805.

Califas Apparel began with the CA monogram, which can be seen in the Califas Apparel logo and in the *Califas product line. Tony originally designed the monogram just for kicks, but in early 2019 thought it might look cool on a t-shirt, along with a few other designs he’d created over the years that were just laying around. So, he decided to try to do something about it, found a couple of print-on-demand outfits to partner up with, and built an online store on his business’s website.

After doing a little bit of social-media promotion, however, Tony found that he really wanted to take a serious run at it. So, in the spring of 2019, he went all out and built a full Califas Apparel brand complete with its own website and online shop.

As a brand, Califas Apparel is the root really of Tony’s love for four things: 1) the 805, where he lives with his wife and family; 2) his home state of California; 3) sports in general and the San Francisco 49ers in particular; and 4), of course, design.

About the Artist

Tony de la Riva is an art director and multi-disciplinary graphic designer in San Luis Obispo County, CA. He established de la Riva Brands in January of 2017 and has been independent ever since.

Originally from Fresno County, Tony lives in Los Osos, CA with his wife Beki and their four kids, Chloe, Daisy, Nas, and Israel.

Tony de la Riva headshot illustration