About Califas Apparel

I’m Tony de la Riva, and Califas Apparel—from the designs, to the brand, to the website—is all my work. I’m a graphic designer, a huge sports fan—especially the 49ers—born in Salinas, raised in Fresno County, and now feliz y contento on the Central Coast in the 805.

Califas Apparel began with the CA monogram, which is the CA of the Califas Apparel logo, which you can see in the pic. I originally designed it just for kicks, but in early 2019 thought it would look cool on a t-shirt, along with some other designs I’d created over the years that were just laying around. So I found some print-on-demand outfits to partner up with and added an online store to my design studio’s website.

After just a couple months, it became obvious that Califas Apparel needed to be its own thing—its own brand with its own website and the whole nine. So, at the end of 2019, I built it all in basically one weekend.

As a brand, Califas Apparel comes from my love of just four simple things: 1) the 805, where I live with my wife and four kids; 2) my home state of Cali; 3) sports in general and the San Francisco 49ers in particular; and 4) good, clean, simple, well-executed design.

Td w daughters in Los Osos, CA

Me with my daughters at home in mighty mighty Los Osos, CA.

Thanks for supporting the cause! I’m looking forward to growing this brand and giving you something you can be proud of. Gracias and see on you on the flip!

Tony de la Riva headshot illustration